Exponents and Logs

Exponents and Logs

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Exponent Rules

Exponent Rules KEY

Given Fractional Exponents

Given Fractional Exponents KEY

Given Radicals

Given Radicals KEY

Fractional Exponents Regents Practice

Fractional Exponents Regents Practice KEY

Solving Constant Exponential Equations

Constant Exponential Equations KEY

Evaluating Logarithms

Evaluating Logarithms KEY

Logarithm Rules

Logarithm Rules KEY

Variable Exponential Equations

Variable Exponential Equations KEY

Exponential Equations Word Problems

Exponential Equations Word Problems KEY

Sketching Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Sketching Exponential and Logarithmic Functions KEY

Exponents/Logarithms Review Sheet

Exponents/Logarithms Review Sheet KEY

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